Title Examination

Savile Row provides customized ownership reports in Oklahoma City, OK

Savile Row provides customized ownership reports for the purpose of determining mineral ownership for leasing and leasehold acquisition. We will prepare a comprehensive report for clients, lease agents, or title attorneys to quickly find and utilize the information needed. We know how important it is to have proper land documentation, therefore, our reports include copies of ownership flowcharts, records of plats and tax records. All Savile ownership reports include specific details as to the following:

•Well information

•Surface Ownership

•Mineral Ownership

•Leasehold Ownership

•Tract Breakdowns

•Completed Runsheet

Title Curative

As abiding professionals in land title examination, we understand that not all standards are met when it comes to accurate title reporting and corrections are required to determine ownership. However, our team works diligently to retain all curative requirements, including securing Affidavits of Heirships, Affidavits of Non-Production, Correction Deeds, Subordination Agreements, Last Will and Testament and any necessary probate documents. We will ensure any curative documents pertaining to the subject interest are properly indexed against the lands and provided to our clients at the time of reporting.