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We take pride in not only building mineral owner relationships but building client relationships as well. We acknowledge the needs of our clients and understand that communication and quality reporting is key in helping provide the maximum return on potential ventures.

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Title Opinions

Savile Row provides customized ownership reports for the purpose of determining mineral ownership for leasing and leasehold acquisition. We will prepare a comprehensive report for clients, lease agents, or title attorneys to quickly find and utilize the information needed.

Lease Acquisitions

Leasing & HBP acquisition for grassroots projects, competitive plays, and targeted pursuits.

Due Diligence/ Limited Ownership Reports

Thorough review of record title and company files to produce detailed reports and defect analysis that fit unique client needs as they relate to the acquiring of acreage or divestiture of a specific oil and gas position.


At Savile we understand that not all agreements are straightforward. Therefore, we have created a list of standards to help provide defensive/marketable title. Our curative procedures include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaborating with title attorneys to ensure compliance with title standards.
  • Creation of curative instruments, including, Subordination Agreements, Correction Deeds, Affidavits of Use and Possession, Affidavits of Non-Production, Amendments to Oil and Gas Leases, Ratifications.
  • Imaging courthouse documents and researching indexes to cure title.
  • Maintaining a master curative spreadsheet, which includes specific notes, addresses, phone numbers and conversations had with critical parties.
  • Weekly Broker Reports

    Savile understands the importance of providing our clients with up-to-date broker details. We will provide a weekly broker report with the following information:

  • Landman name
  • Summary of work performed
  • Title Details (Completed, Working, Remaining)
  • Imaging (Completed, Working, Remaining)
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